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What Can A Chaperone Do For You

Our agents will provide exceptional and professional night time chaperone service for your students.

What is a Student Watchers Agent?

  1. * Student Watchers agents are responsible for supervising and safeguarding students during evening or night time tours or events.
  2. * Our agents are qualified, professional, dependable, and dedicated to keeping students safe.

Client testimonials

I would like to extend a sincere "THANK YOU" to the Student Watchers organization for the exceptional service they continue to provide our students. Your D.C. area agents are a joy to work with. Mr. Sean Lyles did a fantastic job with my High School group this week and I would like to request his service for future groups. Your talent for finding great Chaperone's is unparalleled. I appreciate the professionalism of your staff. I will follow up to retain your services in the very near future.
- Hanley Stewart